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Wi-Fi: Cisco’s “RF ASIC” wins award

Cisco has introduced the RF ASIC chipset on its Catalyst 9120 and 9130 Wi-Fi 6 access points. The RF ASIC helps organizations across industries tackle their IoT and Wi-Fi communication challenges by offloading advanced analytics capabilities and enhancing wireless communication.

It was recently named “Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Network Technology” by the Wireless Broadband Alliance.

The RF ASIC is an RF Unified Engine that improves the scanning efficiency of RF bands to provide efficient real-time analytics.  The RF ASIC is made up of two 28nm chips: ASIC + RFIC; these chips analyze the range of frequencies by converting RF energy into I/Q data that is passed to the baseband processor. By working together, the RF ASIC engine is capable of very high-resolution scans and deep RF analysis.

This means that tasks such as identifying granular changes in the phase and amplitude of a signal or identifying and quantifying the modulation characteristics of the sampled signals are performed easily. The RF ASIC improves spectrum resolution with up to 25% more throughput and consistent latency for a better client experience.

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