Always-on, secure team messaging and file sharing from any device.


Meet anywhere and everywhere. Voice, video and screen-sharing included.


Integrated business phone with HD voice and video calling for desktop and mobile.

All your communications in one service

Cisco Webex Teams brings business messaging, file sharing, video conferencing, screen sharing and your phone system together into one integrated solution. Your teams will have everything they need in one central place.


All your projects and teams will have their own team spaces, where their work resides. Anyone can join the conversation and communicate easily from any device, anywhere.


Start an instant video call whenever you want. Or book one with Cisco WebEx-powered meetings. Invite your team into your conference room and join using your new Webex Room System.


Webex Teams is completely integrated with your Cisco IP Phone system. Make HD voice & Video calls in the cloud. When you are out and about, you can make and receive calls using the Webex Teams app.

End-to-end encryption, with keys controlled by the customer

Cisco Webex Teams makes use of an open architecture for the secure distribution of encryption keys, allowing our customers to gain exclusive control over the management of their encryption keys and the confidentiality of their data.

This means that content is encrypted on the user’s client and stays encrypted until it reaches the recipient, with no intermediaries having access to decryption keys for content unless the enterprise explicitly chooses to grant such access.

Keys are managed using the customer’s on-premise key server.

Use the Webex Teams API to integrate with your systems & procedures

Using the Cisco Webex Teams REST API you can browse & create meeting rooms, invite people to join, search the user directory, manage teams, post messages, receive message notifications and browse activity history.

Lots of apps & services already integrate with Cisco Webex Teams

These great services already have Webex Teams integration:

  • Zapier
  • GitHub
  • Instagram
  • Trello
  • Zendesk
  • PagerDuty
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