Watch Every File

Track, analyse and playback the activity of every executable file, on every device.

Leverage Cloud Power

Fast & deep analysis of suspicious files and activity takes place in Cisco’s cloud.

Centralised Reporting & Management

Manage and monitor everything from Cisco’s fully-featured web UI.

Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints is a next-generation security tool that gives you unprecedented insight and control over suspicious activity on all-sorts of devices within your network.

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.
  • Detect attacks in hours, instead of the days it takes our competitors.
  • Blocks incoming malware based on file signatures and fuzzy analysis.
  • Continuous monitoring and logging of the file, network & registry activity of all executables.
  • Auto remediates files which were not originally suspect, but have later been discovered to be malware.
  • Offloads advanced analysis of suspect files & activity to the Cisco cloud.
  • Continuous threat updates are pushed from Cisco TALOS Global Intelligence.
  • Integrates & cooperates with other AMP products (firewall, network, email, web etc.)

Cisco AMP for Endpoints provides a centralised web-based UI for managing & monitoring the security of your endpoints. You can view and analyse detailed activity logs without physically connecting to the individual devices. Its features include:

  • Using the AMP Trajectory tool, you can replay all file, network and registry activity related to the outbreak, from the moment of infection.
  • An analysis sandbox helps you understand how suspect executables behave.
  • Report on endpoint devices with known vulnerabilities, so that unpatched software does not go unnoticed.
  • After identifying a suspect executable, you can block its execution on all devices with a single click.
  • Activity involving rare or unusual executables is reported for further analysis.
  • Analyse web-proxy logs to detect infections on unprotected devices.
  • API options allow integration with other security tools.
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