Software Defined WAN

Meraki’s next-generation software-defined WAN offers unrivalled flexibility with simple configuration.

Cost Effective

High-reliability without the high-cost of dedicated data links.

Centralised Control

Control your entire WAN from Meraki’s intuitive cloud-based dashboard.

Meraki’s SD-WAN is fast becoming a favourite with PlanNet21’s customers. Combining the best features of Meraki’s cloud-based networking, with the flexibility of software-defined WAN.

  • Operates simultaneously over multiple data links.
  • Utilises consumer-grade internet connections, optionally mixed with dedicated data links.
  • Meraki Auto-VPN with IPsec overlay and AES encryption.
  • Built-in load-balancing and auto-failover.
  • Prioritise traffic from critical apps.
  • Use bandwidth more efficiently.
  • Scales from single-site WAN to multiple WANs with multiple sites.

Meraki SD-WAN can simultaneously connect over multiple paths, and use them intelligently.

  • Policy-based intelligent path selection, based on priority of app.
  • Dynamic path re-selection based on current network conditions.
  • Meraki traffic-shaping provides QOS & bandwidth management.
  • Load-balancing over multiple links.
  • Mix different link types.
  • Auto-failover when a link goes down.
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