Save Valuable Time

Spend minutes doing network management tasks that used to take hours.

Quality Assured

Avoid mistakes and security holes, with policy-driven deployments across the entire network.

Solve Problems Early

Broad & deep analysis gives you the power to predict problems before they happen.

To maximise the efficiency of your Cisco network, PlanNet21 recommends DNA Center

Plan your network using intuitive work flows, focussing on locations where your network devices will be deployed.

Create profiles for users and devices that facilitate highly secure access and network segmentation based on business needs.

Benefit from highly secure access control. Utilising far-reaching intelligent-sensor and profiling capabilities, ISE probes deep into the network to deliver superior visibility.

Simplify device deployment using policy-based automation to deliver services to the network based on business priority.

Deep insights into your network, presented with rich context, help you deliver a consistent experience and proactively optimise your network.

  • Users waited till now to report trouble they had 10 days ago? No problem. With Cisco DNA Center you can turn back the clock 10 days and see what happened.
  • Network-wide log data is collated together into one central location, for unified analysis.
  • Intuitive analysis tools in DNA Center allow you quickly home-in on the factors that caused a problem.
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