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New SASE Report from Gartner

New SASE Report from Gartner-
The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud

For Today’s Network Security, Look to the Cloud

As your organization becomes even more global with an increasingly distributed workforce, a greater portion of your business, apps and data is moving to the cloud. This opens up a host of new opportunities, but so much fundamental change also creates new avenues for cybersecurity risk. 

It’s time to rethink how network security is delivered. 

Gartner has just published a report, “The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud,” describing the concept of the secure access service edge (SASE) for protecting digital business transformation with cloud-based, software-defined secure access.

According to the report:

“In cloud-centric digital business, users, devices, and the networked capabilities they require secure access to are everywhere… What security and risk professionals in a digital enterprise need is a worldwide fabric/mesh of network and network security capabilities that can be applied when and where needed to connect entities to the networked capabilities they need access to.”

Read Gartner’s new report, and we think you’ll better understand:

  • Why cloud, mobile and IoT have businesses rethinking network/security architectures
  • What SASE is, and why it’s such a hot topic 
  • How SASE consistently enables a rich set of integrated network security services
  • Best practices to effectively secure your digital business transformation

Get your complimentary copy of the report today.

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